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de Ukraine War Thread #342 Bernd 2023-05-29 20:44:00 No. 20119189 sticky [AUTOSÄGE] Reply Last 50

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"Meanwhile in Belarus"-Edition Old threda: >>20096267
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>>20134794 >>20134787 That's what russia fights for.

md Bernd 2023-05-31 15:26:18 No. 20134844 Reply
Eating ans Kefir with bread and сметана 2.05€ total Courtesy of USA bernd for making this all happen!
>Courtesy of USA bernd for making this all happen! What do you mean? Is this from your begging money?
>>20134856 I already told you he lent me that money. On monday-thursday he'll see it back >>20134857 Its just so delicious, the doughyness of bread combined with sweetness of smetana and sourness of kefir. Its a match made in heaven

br Bernd 2023-05-31 14:46:29 No. 20134534 Reply

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Invonlutary celibatary here. Ask me anything.
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Why did you choose to become an incel? Do you hate women?
you're BRBR you can literally just rape and get away with it
>>20134850 I didn't choose, the women decreed it. I don't hate them, I love them.
>>20134845 This is more interesting. What was the last thing you masturbated to? Post picture. Additionally post porn collection size and directory tree. I am deeply invested now.

qc Chudbros get in Bernd 2023-05-31 15:15:58 No. 20134771 Reply
This thread is for Chuds only. No girls allowed. How are you doing my fellow chuddies?
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Some of you are ok, dont go to Wect tomorrow
you check the Ukrainian War death tolls to cry about how horrible the side you are against it I check the Ukrainian War death tolls to celebrate the deaths of thousands of Chads and Staceys we are not the same
>>20134846 >death of thousands Stacys If only! I used to hate women so much it was unreal but compared to my hatred now it was like a candle before the Sun.

fi Bernd 2023-05-31 15:26:52 No. 20134849 Reply
Reasons for which Orwell reported leftists to British imperial intelligence: - Jewish - 'Negro' - 'Jewish?' - Anarchist - 'Jewess' - Hungarian - Eurasian - 'Half caste' - Irish - Anti white - Fought with Spanish Republicans - Renounced Trotskyism - Anti US - Finnish - Slav - VERY Anti white - German
>- Fought with Spanish Republicans Wait but that includes himself

de Bernd 2023-05-31 14:53:12 No. 20134590 Reply
I live in the country with the fourth highest GDP in the world, one of the richest countries on earth and my upload speed is fucking 30 Mbps.
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hahaha 20 dollars a month for telephone and ilimited internet. I want to increase to 100mb. rate
>>20134713 Hello, fellow DOCSIS cuck.
>>20134640 For $15 I have unlimited 1Gbps upload and download on Poland

nl Bernd 2023-05-31 15:29:17 No. 20134861 Reply

tr Bernd 2023-05-31 15:29:05 No. 20134860 Reply
Allah will grant AfD the victory. Leftiebros, not like this...

de Bernd 2023-05-31 15:29:02 No. 20134859 Reply
Can you guess who's father this is?

us For those that touch grass Bernd 2023-05-30 03:40:32 No. 20121750 Reply Last 50
Do you talk with colored people frequently? I've made a few Black acquaintances at my local gym. All of them are over 50 and in various states of shape, but generally quite muscular and gregarious. Only two of them put me on edge, but the others are full of conversation. Of the two I'm friendliest with, we generally talk about food and events especially restaurant recommendations, small anecdotes and general mundanity, including our OnlyFans addictions. Some of them are able to give solid advice in smaller matters where others would be hesitant to offer anything tangible. I slightly powerleveled with the guy I'm friendliest with when I revealed that Martin Luther King Jr. was a lifelong plagiarist, but generally we don't discuss political affairs. The one I approach cordially but keep on guard at all times is a Haitian nurse. Everything from his manner of speech to his varying attempts at guiding conversation in specific directions strongly suggests he's liberal or left-wing. What's absolutely certain is that he's a strong proponent of "racial justice." He was surprised to know I happened to have a little bit of knowledge about the founding of Haiti including when France imposed the debt on the newly formed island nation after the successful slave rebellion. Even further surprised was when I asked him, noting his appearance, if he was part Polish which he confirmed. I have yet to powerlevel around him but I have let him know that I lean right.
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I talked with some pajeet earlier this year whilst heavily intoxicated, and I have to work with some russian girl quite often. Other than that I rarely talk with PoCners.
>>20121883 You are a little bitch and you sweat the small stuff Niggers will rob you, I'd guess 90% of what you're mad about is either online bullshit or "microaggressions"
I don't associate with niggers. I know this hot Dominican bitch though.
The only race I truly hate are niggers Maybe I'd hate abos and melanesians too, but I never interact with them I'd like it if all the races of the world could unite in their hate for niggers and desire for TND