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lu Gore videos from Ukr-Rus war Bernd 2024-06-25 07:47:56 No. 23812624 Reply
I'd like to talk about something. Do you guys think that the normies that you interact with from day to day are even aware what war in 2024 looks like? They're always on their phones, watching tiktok videos (yes all the boomer coworkers, who are all older then me watch tiktok all the time) but I really do wonder if they ever get to see the gore videos from over there. Except here, and on twatter (and only because I follow certain accounts) do I see these things. I unironically believe this war would be over much quicker if everyone in wect and in russia would have direct confrontation with this, if they would actually see this deranged nonsense as it is going down, people being brought into meatgrinder that doesn't bring anything good to anyone
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>>23812634 >I want to play CounterStrike 1.6 against with all the poccnr-boys and pretend this all never heppened Not gonna happen, everyone is past the point of no return
Maybe if normies were forced to watch vidoes from the war, eventually everyone would be calling for more and more TZD like the rest of us.
>>23812634 one of us have gotten the wrong memo and im pretty sure it's not me
>>23812624 Yes, we need bloodthirsty kids who grow up into berserkers

se Bernd 2024-06-21 08:33:22 No. 23783506 Reply Last 50
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>>23808798 >russia >the land of anal <no anal What's wrong with you?
>if slavery was allowed against and bernd was rich>>23808798
You shouldn't be doing this to your mom

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>>23812078 He's best friends with Terry Richardson the photographer. Laurel Canyon is full of magic.
It is hard to say how far his face aged, because it hidden with beard and ton of makeup.
igor thread about male celebrities

se Bernd 2024-06-25 07:55:12 No. 23812639 Reply
My NEETbux tv just arriavled.

onion Bernd 2024-06-25 05:17:19 No. 23812410 Reply

Open file 165.76 KB, 393x323
Try being less Romanian, maybe that will help
Because romanians are, in fact, brown. t. white

mod Ukraine-Russia War Containment Thread Bernd Global Moderator 2023-12-05 12:31:37 No. 21946773 cyclic Reply Last 50

Open file 1.68 MB, 1166x679

Open file 11.13 KB, 800x600
This is the designated thread to post about the Ukraine-Russia War. Threads about this topic (without sufficient merit/originality outside the war context) are not allowed outside this containment thread, and of those, blatant and/or low quality threads will be met with a probable ban. This thread is cyclic.
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>>23812338 youtu.be/Jaopr10QJDk It's a Ukie channel, so you can expect Ukie bias

Open file 917.93 KB, 1170x591
>>23812577 You are literally WHO?
Moscow regime bombed BPR with anti-air missiles

onion Pro-depression, pro-anxiety, pro-suicide... Bernd 2024-06-25 07:51:43 No. 23812629 Reply
If there are pro-ana and pro-mia communities for eating disorders, what about other mental issues like depression, anxiety, OCD, etc.? Movements that would assert it is good to have depression or anxiety and there is no need to cure it or go to psychiatrists and take meds. Just celebrate your misery.

us Bernd 2024-06-25 07:32:24 No. 23812605 Reply

Open file 1.88 MB, 480x480
Is this too much to ask for?
vgh the bucolic pastoralist romantic utopia

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>>23787763 why has unreal engine became such a shit crap engine that seems to mine bitcoins on the side ? Seriously, sure on ultramaxx it looks kinda nice, but it also makes rigs run hotter than the sun
>>23788062 Starsector main discord is fully trooned and pozzed its beyond belief lmao, with modders adding malware to their mods in their mentall illness rage.
>>23788076 note to self: add weird spierdalaj kurwa lines in ambient background noise when making games to make mad all poles

Open file 173.41 KB, 2000x1922
>>23806080 lmao, i can immediatelly see its made in Unity