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de UKRAINE WAR THREAD 149 Bernd 2022-06-30 23:15:00 No. 16683760 sticky [AUTOSÄGE] Reply Last 50
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>>16688893 Only correct answer.

onion Bernd 2022-07-01 13:03:03 No. 16688890 Reply Last 50

Open file 484.82 KB, 841x798
More and more men in Ukraine are hating women. If border will remain closed for a significant amount of time it will literally become a country with highest incels population in Europe.
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Poland is Catholic country. Polish will brainwash Ukrainian boys into faggots and all incels will get a shota for free. BTW, most of "Russian" boys in gay-pizza were actually Ukrainians. Ukrainians can manage without women just fine. They will be even better that way. Also, after the war or even during the war Ukraine is the best place to visit for pedo-gay sex tourism. Cheap, relatively hygienic, not so ugly, white boys for everyone in the World! What a wonderful country!
>>16690922 By the way, the fact that you failed to detect obvious jews tells me a lot about russian """ethnicity""".
Those who left and didn't come back didn't really love their country anyway, so what's the problem? They're not really Ukrainian, since they don't want to belong. Also since the war started I often fap to nationalistic Ukrainian qts, there's plenty of them there.

de Prettiest women Bernd 2022-07-01 12:50:49 No. 16688819 Reply
Has there ever been a prettier woman than 70's Cybill Shepherd? I've first seen her in Taxi Driver when I first watched the movie years ago, but somehow I forgot about her. Now I'm watching some of her scenes again and I'm just blown away by how pretty she is. Can other women even compete?
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Open file 100.67 KB, 1140x1254
Classic Hollywood best.
>>16691062 Audrey had huge feet. She was cute otherwise, though.

Open file 84.19 KB, 1080x1080
>>16691062 >>16691071 Yup. Audrey Hepburn was the ticket.
>>16691005 >still better that any CandyDoll or LS photoshootings. that photoshoot paved the way for all the early lg erotica shoots and later BD/LS.

de Swedish Christian party wants to castrate sexual offenders and pedophiles Bernd 2022-07-01 15:52:33 No. 16690787 Reply

Open file 1.07 MB, 994x669
The Christian Democrats are proposing significantly increased penalties for sexual crimes and that rapists be castrated before they are released. Similar proposals have been aired by the party on previous occasions. - When a man convicted of rape steps outside the prison walls, he must be chemically castrated, says Ebba Busch. On Friday, the KD leader presented a proposal for stricter legislation for rape. The proposal means, among other things, that chemical castration will become a condition for conditional release. - This may mean that if a person like Nytorgsmannen is to be able to become a free man, a chemical castration must have taken place before the release, Busch says. KD has previously made similar proposals via individual members, and already opened in 2017 for chemical castration as punishment for sex offenders. In the autumn, the party's legal policy spokesman Andreas Carlson wrote a debate article in Expressen, in which he argued that it should be investigated as a requirement for conditional release and that the quantity discount must be removed and the penalties for sexual crimes tightened. "Sweden's women are not safe" The Christian Democrats also state that they want to see the abolition of "automatic conditional release". As for the length of the sentence, the party wants to see a life sentence for aggravated rape of a child and increase the sentence for aggravated rape to between 10 and 25 years, something that would require an increase in the maximum limit for imprisonment. "Sweden's women are not safe," the party wrote in a press release. Also that there is a widespread "fear of sexual crimes" and that rapists "spread fear and ruin lives" for children. KD also wants to establish a national knowledge center for sexual violence where people who feel that they have "problematic sexuality" can receive support. The center must also "be able to administer chemical castration on a voluntary basis to those who are worried about unwanted sexual thoughts and impulses and have a compulsive sexuality".
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>>16690966 False rape accusations. Notice how the taxi rape epidemic ended when they installed cameras.
>>16691078 No self-respecting Swede would ever allow wogs to be clipped. The measure is only meant for white Swedish males.
the state shouldn't be allowed to kill people but cutting a man's bollocks off is fine
>>16691098 Doesnt matter since i doubt many swedes drive taxis. If a wog is neutered on the basis of a false accusation then goody gumdrops, rest of his shitearse brood has a reason to stay away

il Bernd 2022-07-01 16:18:20 No. 16691092 Reply

Open file 52.12 KB, 720x439

Open file 138.82 KB, 800x872
What if the global warming actually caused not by CO2, but from all the heat that produce when we burn fuels, or consume electricity. So essentially switching to renewable energy won't change anything.
Give that man a nobel prize
Humanity's purpose is to boil water

onion Bernd 2022-07-01 16:20:53 No. 16691117 Reply

Open file 2.62 KB, 225x225
It's shite being Ukrainain! We're the lowest of the low! The scum of the fucking Earth! The most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash, that was shat into civilisation! Some people hate the Russians, I don't! They're just wankers! We, on the other hand, are colonised by wankers! Can't even find a decent culture to be colonised by! We're ruled by effete assholes! It's a shite state of affairs to be in Mykola, and all the fresh air in the world won't make any fucking difference!

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You removed a democratically elected president

fi Friday: Plans? Bernd 2022-07-01 15:51:31 No. 16690770 Reply

Open file 47.28 KB, 1000x667

Open file 37.45 KB, 865x576
It's Friday? Why haven't you passed out from too much alco, Bernd? What keeps you conscious? Is life so fucking great that you don't desire to pass out instead?
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>>16691054 There's no need for ad hominem. We all have different tastes when it comes to women, mind altering substances, and the colour of our underwear.
>>16691073 Yes, I must self improve
>>16691037 what are you, light weight? i had to cut my drinking down so i don't die of dehydration

tx Bernd 2022-07-01 04:37:57 No. 16685588 Reply

Open file 9.84 KB, 605x605
there is a severe lack of poland on kc tonight
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