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mod Public service announcement Bernd Global Moderator 2022-11-25 15:37:24 No. 18319997 sticky [AUTOSÄGE] Reply Last 50
-No regurgitated TikTok and instagram content -No fawning over girls you've had no contact with other than seeing their profile on either of aforementioned and similar platforms
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>>18328463 >homosexual gypsy complaining about degeneracy kek

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pl WORLD CUP 2022 | DAY 7 Bernd 2022-11-26 12:00:23 No. 18330315 Reply Last 50
GROUP C POLAND VS SAUDI ARABIA stadium: Education City Stadium match begins at: 2:00 PM 14:00 CET where to watch: http://1stream.link/soccer/poland-saudi-arabia-live-stream/999164 mod stick it
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>>18331861 kek it's POLand and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
>>18331738 Reminds me of Italy in WW2.

se Bernd 2022-11-26 14:59:35 No. 18331777 Reply

Open file 58.87 KB, 1200x800
I'm 26. I'm not good at studies. I'm not street smart. I'm not adept at functioning in the day to day outside world. I'm boring. I suck at social interactions. I'm not trying to gain any pity or run myself down. Fact is, of all the things I feel I've tried in life (stick to an internship, do well academically, clear competitive exams, get a girlfriend) I've failed time and time again. I used to feel mentally and physically burned out. I don't so much anymore. But I'm afriad of just trying. Of getting up and giving life another shot. I'm not depressed. I don't think I am. I am on medication for OCD so I shouldn't anyway. But even my attempts at curing my OCD have failed. I have a degree but I have no real knowledge or skills. I don't have the basic mental/emotional/and perhaps physical stamina to be regular and hold a job. I'm afraid of living life. All I do is listen to music and dream of my early childhood which I want to crawl back into.
>I'm not good at studies Well, you can still get a job if you have social skills >I'm not street smart well >I'm not adept at functioning in the day to day outside world uhm, ok... >I suck at social interactions ... yeah, its literally totally over for you
Yep, same here. Welcome to the club

Open file 3.46 MB, 1280x720
pack it in

ch Zoomers Bernd 2022-11-26 14:19:27 No. 18331359 Reply

Open file 227.89 KB, 1280x720
Imagine you are this desperate to get pussy.
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>>18331609 Honeys get mad wet for climate terrorists.
I bet that dude with the man bun gets insane stanky on his peepee.
>>18331787 >when you create a terror group, so you can justify your dictatorship "for democracy to survive"

Not funny, man! Not funny at all.

us Bernd 2022-11-26 14:58:07 No. 18331762 Reply

Open file 205.83 KB, 900x600
Are georgians asians, middle easterners or Europeans?
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50.1% Non-Hispanic White, 32.6% Black or African American 4.4% Asian American 0.3% Native American 0.1% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 10.5% Hispanic or Latino
Similar to North/West Europeans
>>18331837 I'm talking about Georgia the nation, dumbass
>>18331862 How so? Aren't they more influenced by slavs

ru Bernd 2022-11-26 00:26:08 No. 18326549 Reply Last 50

Open file 91.05 KB, 599x1024
The idea that the history older than 200-300 years is complete bullshit gets increasingly popular. Not sure what to think about that yet.
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>>18331811 Yes, and it made Italy the cultural centre of the West, which it wasn't before. I don't know why this causes so much butthurt ITT.
You can safely ignore "reality is relative" postmodern horseshit.
>>18331864 if it was true I wouldn't need to accept it

cl Bernd 2022-11-26 14:36:41 No. 18331525 Reply
Could someone gift me this please. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1021790/Arma_3_Contact/
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All whites murered them with gas and ovens and made soap and lampshades with them. Havwen't you heard. The literally 80 new movies made by (((hollywood))) every single year should have told you that.
>>18331664 >that's why noone ever did anything about them lol
>>18331858 name one happening that btfo jews (jews aren't real today because of it)
>>18329684 war casualties are also exaggerated for propaganda reasons crazy!